Hong Kong: MuTu Revisit

So, I’ve fallen off the MuTu wagon a bit, but it’s definitely not forgotten.  The past couple months after I completed the 12 week program I have been a bit lazy, but it’s always been at the back of my mind.  We moved houses so there was packing and then unpacking.  However, the move has really helped with the walking so I’ve been doing at least 30min a day minimum and then most days, I’ll do another 30min of walking as it’s a 15min walk to my daughter’s bus stop every morning one way and then most afternoons so this helps as I don’t even have to try to fit those in anymore and before in our old place, I was doing the same, but the walks were much shorter.

The reason why I’m talking about MuTu again is for those of you who haven’t had a chance to try it yet, should definitely give it a go this weekend.  Wendy is having her annual Black Friday sale and that’s 40% off the program.  This is a huge savings!  I can honestly say that it was a great way to strengthen those muscles that got weak through pregnancy and childbirth and you can start quite early after postpartum.  Of course, you’d want to check with your doctor, but the core exercises are quite gentle and you only progress when you feel strong doing each set of exercises and don’t proceed too quickly.

I purchased this program earlier this year and my son is 4 so it’s never too late to try MuTu.  I think one of the reasons that really drew me to the program once I heard about it was that you had no time limit to complete the program so there’s no expiry once you purchase it and you can access it anywhere if you have the online program.  The website is user friendly and the MuTu team has recently updated making it even easier to use.  And this is a real program, no need for special powders or drinks.  There is a food and eating section in the program and she gives you ideas to help with weight loss and gaining better energy/fuel for your body.  When I followed the program the first time around, I did adopt some of the changes, but I didn’t follow that part religiously and I didn’t lose weight.  That wasn’t my goal though so I was still very happy with the results.  So if you think this is for you, definitely grab this chance to purchase the program!



About mommyhoodhk

I'm a mommy of 2, a daughter who just is 7.5 (!) and a son who is 6 (!). Living in Hong Kong and raising a little girl and a little boy married to a wonderful man who is supportive of all of my endeavors. Learning new things everyday and trying to be the best parent and wife I can be. I've also recently re-entered the workforce and back at my old clinic, Sutherland-Chan Centre on a part-time basis.
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