And we’re home!

So we just arrived back from a little trip to Beijing to visit my brother and his family.  Beijing was pretty great with kids!  We went to a little man-made beach resort and a great indoor playground at the Kerry Centre in one of the business districts.  Overall, I found Beijing pretty kid friendly.  We used Uber cars to get to most places which worked out cheaper than taxis!  I’m lucky because both my brother and my sister in law speak Putonghua so could explain where to go.

However, we had an epic trip back!  We left the house at 1030am yesterday and didn’t get home til almost 11pm last night!  We got to the airport, checked in at the Air China Counter first.  The agent at the desk asked if we wanted to sit together and my brother was like yes, she’s with 2 small children (in Putonghua). I also got to use my favourite passport holder again to carry our passports together.  You can purchase here.  A fellow Hong Kong mom created these very handy holders for parents.  Currently, this model carries 3 passports, but you can actually fit 4 comfortably.  There’s space for cards and money.  It’s enclosed with a snap button.  Here are a few photos of mine:


You can choose between 7 fun colours (Paris Pink, Tokyo Tangerine, Sydney Sunshine, Geneva Green, Bali Blue, Phuket Purple, and Manhattan Midnight).  Plus you can also choose your linings.  There are 3 to choose from.  It was also very easy to order and came very quickly!

Everything seemed to be going right on schedule.  Went through immigration and security with no issue.  Picked up a couple drinks at Starbucks for me and the kids then made our way to the gate.  They even had these great pushcarts after the security to push your kids and carry on luggage around!  My kids took turns getting behind the wheel.  Where you push, there are 2 baskets too, so I could stick our babyzen yoyo stroller in one and my daughter’s backpack in the other, I put the carry-on luggage next to my son in the top basket as you can see in the photo.


We stood around the gate for about 20min until we realized there was going to be a delay.  No one could really tell us how long or explain why there was a delay.  Even with free airport wifi, I couldn’t find anything online as to why there was a delay.  The weather was good in Beijing and in Hong Kong.  I was a bit nervous as we had no idea how long it was going to be.  There was a play area upstairs from the gate though so we made our way there.  Then we bought a couple snacks and some food.  There were plug in stations to charge phones and computers so we sat for a bit.  There was no news anywhere about our flight.  Finally 2.5 hours later, we headed back down to our gate and they made an announcement to board.  We got on buses to take us to the plane.  Once we got onto the plane, we walked to our seats only to find out we were going to be seated in the same row, but with seats between us!  The flight attendant was great though and he just said he would sort it out.  Luckily, a kind passenger moved into one of our seats so we could be together!  Once seated, we were delayed for another hour!  The captain came on and did explain what happened.  They were restricting flights into Hong Kong because of the typhoon the night before so flights were really backed up.  We were 4 hours delayed.  We were scheduled to depart at 1pm and didn’t actually take off til at least 5pm!  My kids were surprisingly coping with this huge delay!  I was also happy that there was inflight entertainment to help keep the me and kids entertained!  The food wasn’t great, but we were pretty happy with the service.

Upon arrival in Hong Kong, things went pretty smoothly until we got the luggage carousel.  I think we were there for over an hour before we got our luggage.  My daughter fell asleep and I had to wake her up.  Luckily we had my dad come to pick us up at the airport last night.  There were announcements saying that there was a problem with their baggage transport.  Thankfully, we did get all of our baggage ok though.  Usually, it’s the most efficient airports in the world!

I managed ok with the kids with all the extra hours we had to spend at the airport.  We packed extra snacks (thankfully), but was even low by the time we got to Hong Kong.  What do you do in these situations?  I know my kids don’t need bottles anymore, phew!  And they’ll eat some snacks, but I think for next time, I’ll even pack more!


About mommyhoodhk

I'm a mommy of 2, a daughter who just is 7.5 (!) and a son who is 6 (!). Living in Hong Kong and raising a little girl and a little boy married to a wonderful man who is supportive of all of my endeavors. Learning new things everyday and trying to be the best parent and wife I can be. I've also recently re-entered the workforce and back at my old clinic, Sutherland-Chan Centre on a part-time basis.
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