Getting in Shape with the MuTu System

My kids are now 5 and a half and 4 years old.  For the last few years, I’ve been signing up for at least one 10K race to train.  For me, it’s much easier to keep training towards a goal; however, maintaining my fitness is more challenging once the race is over.  I bought the Tupler Technique last year to help me tighten up the abdominal area but it was too hard to maintain wearing the splint in the summer so it kinda got put into a drawer and forgotten.

I came across a post about Diastasis Recti on facebook and someone mentioned the MuTu System. (affiliate link) I still have a tiny gap left under my belly button and I had been doing various exercises that were not good for it (ie. planking, crunches).  So I looked it up and it sounded pretty good so I decided to go for it.  It’s a 12 week program that consists of a core workout everyday, intensive workouts (4 times a week), walking everyday and food advice.  There’s also an app available once the 12 week program is complete.

I know sometimes it’s very difficult to fit in workouts with the busyness of life, but this system so far has been pretty achievable.  I just started week 7 and I’ll track my progress through here.


As you can see, the progress is pretty good.  I’m also feeling quite strong compared to the first week.  My goal is really to tone everything up and so far so good.  I still feel a gap under my belly button, but the muscles seem more firm.  I have to say that my food journey on MuTu hasn’t been very strict.  I’ve pretty much eliminated sugar from my coffee and just use cream or milk.  I used to have one of those super sugary 3 in one coffee packets, but now I’m just making a french press in the morning.  I usually start my day with a smoothie, do my core workout, then do my intensive before I have breakfast.  I would make some egg muffins (kind of an omelette in a muffin shape and have a few of those and keep the rest in the fridge for the next morning or an afternoon snack.  For lunch I would let myself have a bit of carb (noodle or rice dish) and for dinner, try to lighten up on the carbs or no carb at all and have a salad with some sort of protein.

I’ve been most faithful with my core workouts everyday, a walk and then doing my intensives 4 times per week.  I did order the kit which you can order here but it’s not totally necessary.  Before I received my kit, I used a towel, my child’s ball to start the first 2 weeks.  Also you can easily pick some up at a sporting goods store.  It was a bit more challenging for me to get to one that I knew would have everything, but eventually I was able to find most things that were suitable.  The first couple weeks are where you work on the core workout first and just walking somewhere and learning about alignment.  It’s in week 3 that you also add in an intensive workout.  For this, you do need some dumbbells (I used cans of tomatoes and chickpeas til I got some) and a resistance band and loop.

After signing up for the program which is 97usd, you get unlimited online access to the program and also a support network in a closed facebook group.  In Hong Kong, a fellow MuTu mom started a separate closed group for Hong Kong moms.  If you cannot do the online program, you can also purchase the dvd set but that doesn’t get you to the online program.  You can also just do the MuTu Focus program that just focuses on the core workouts and not the intensives.  The website also has lots of resources and a really detailed FAQs page.

So far, after just starting week 7, I’m still very motivated to keep going.  Hope I can inspire other moms to also get fit and feeling strong.  As moms, you know you need to be fit to keep up with our active kids!


About mommyhoodhk

I'm a mommy of 2, a daughter who just is 7.5 (!) and a son who is 6 (!). Living in Hong Kong and raising a little girl and a little boy married to a wonderful man who is supportive of all of my endeavors. Learning new things everyday and trying to be the best parent and wife I can be. I've also recently re-entered the workforce and back at my old clinic, Sutherland-Chan Centre on a part-time basis.
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2 Responses to Getting in Shape with the MuTu System

  1. dawnpdarnell says:

    Love your mentality on fitness! As a mother I can relate. Love your post and your fitness journey. I just followed you, if you get a chance check out my fitness journey. I would love your support! Glad I stumbled on to your blog! Have a great day!

  2. mommyhoodhk says:

    Hey Dawn! Thanks for following and I just followed yours now!

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