The Sunday Night Prep

Working full-time, means that Sundays are spent getting prepared for the week.  Mostly that means a lot of time in the kitchen.

If I’m prepared, by the time I go to bed on Sunday I have the meal plan up on the fridge and everything that can be prepped for the week ready to go.  This process means that on week nights dinner is on the table in 20 mins or less, which gives us time to enjoy some quality family time together before the little man goes to bed.  It’s quite the grind, but there is an upside in that it helps us save money and keeps us eating healthy.

If I’m not prepared, there’s stress, there’s rushing, there’s the possibility of starvation (not really but it feels like that sometimes), there’s tantrums (mostly from the hungry 1 1/2 year old), and there’s the likelihood of dinner consisting of Oatmeal. So to avoid an evening of oatmeal on Tuesday, on Sunday night I prep.

This Sunday night is no different, except I’m way behind.  Like way way waaaaaay behind if the single “way” wasn’t enough.   I sprained my ankle last week and rapidly transformed into a couch potato.  However, all that time on my butt meant I got to surf the web for new recipes to try out.

I’ve just finished making one of those new recipes, which is the Roasted Fennel and Veg Quinoa Salad recipe I found on the Talking Kitchen blog.   It’s delicious!  So I thought I would share.  It will make great lunches for everyone and a dinner tomorrow. I also just finished up making some Whole Wheat Raspberry Lemon Muffins for lunches.  Healthy muffins are my quick go to for lunch treats so no matter what I need to have something prepared for monday.

I’m might be behind, but I’m pretty sure we can catch up with some extra effort on Monday and Tuesday night.

I’m always on the look out for new recipes, especially ones that freeze. So please feel free to share if you have some.


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