My Ergo Baby Travel Collection Urban Chic in Graphite Review

The Ergo baby Travel Collection in Urban Chic Graphite

The Ergo baby Travel Collection in Urban Chic Graphite

So we did the test on our last trip to Canada.  At home, we don’t use it as much anymore since my toddlers are walking.  One is just over 3 and my younger is fast approaching 2; however, for travelling and sometimes trips into the city I still require the use of a carrier.  I’ve had the sport version and also had the opportunity to borrow long term, the original.  If you’re looking for a carrier to start from newborn, I’d really recommend the original with the insert as it will have the longest use.  I bought so many different types of carriers.  I had a pouch, a wrap, another soft structured and finally the ergo.  As your child gets to be over 5 or 6 months, you’ll want the Ergo as it will save your shoulders and back.  I have heard great things about the Beco, but I never tried it.  I do think that it’s great to have the face out option, but I still don’t think it’s the greatest position for baby’s developing spine and for your back especially as baby gets bigger.  Also it can be way overstimulating for a baby to face out.

Now, let’s get on with the specifics of this model:


1. Colour is lovely, very neutral and great for mom or dad

2. Easy to use just like the other ergos.

3. Shoulder and waist belt not bulky because of the different materials used versus the original which makes the carrier a lot lighter and compact.  It was great to just strap it on the front of my backpack so it was super easy to get to when I needed it.

4. Comfy in the back or front carry position.

5. The chest trap has more adjusting length than the stowaway or the performance.  I found with the stowaway, it was a bit too close to my neck when in the back carry position.  Stowaway’s strap was also way too flimsy and unsupportive, I found.

6. The material for the body of the carrier is not as thick as the original so it’s a bit cooler than the original.

7. The material on the inside of the carrier is nice and soft and same with the hood

8. The hood buttons easily like the original.  Much easier than the sport version that I had.


1. Hip carry is not as comfy because I’m guessing the lack of cushioning in the shoulder strap.

2. No zip pocket on the front like the original or the performance which I really missed.

Bottom Line:

This travel collection version in the Urban Chic was excellent for what we were using it for.  I think the original is still a tad more comfy if you are going to be using it for very long periods, but since we were using it for getting on and off the plane and when I needed hands free and my son needed to sleep, it was excellent.  I could even use it for my daughter in the back carry position.  I could not do without a carrier in Hong Kong so I would highly recommend this carrier for being lighter weight and the material not being as think.

*I was not paid any money for this review.  There weren’t a lot of reviews on this model of the carrier so I thought it would help moms out there to have a little review about it.


About mommyhoodhk

I'm a mommy of 2, a daughter who just is 7.5 (!) and a son who is 6 (!). Living in Hong Kong and raising a little girl and a little boy married to a wonderful man who is supportive of all of my endeavors. Learning new things everyday and trying to be the best parent and wife I can be. I've also recently re-entered the workforce and back at my old clinic, Sutherland-Chan Centre on a part-time basis.
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13 Responses to My Ergo Baby Travel Collection Urban Chic in Graphite Review

  1. Anna, you just returned to Hong Kong recently after a trip to Canada. Do you notice a difference in what baby gear/products are available in each country? Does HK have some great products that we can’t get in Canada or the United States?

  2. mommyhoodhk says:

    There are some great things you can get in Canada that you cannot in HK, or they’re at a premium in Hong Kong, but there are things that you can get in Europe that are made available in Hong Kong because of the many people from all over the world living here.

  3. Daphne says:

    Thanks so much for writing such a thorough review! I have been searching for reviews on this Ergo carrier in the past few months but no luck. I couldnt find any stores here which have this new model stocked for try on so i thought the review would be great help for me to decide whether I should order one online. I’m so glad that I finally found your article about it!!! I’m a mother of 2 kids too (1 and 5 yrs) living in Sydney. I’m tossing up between Performance and Urban Chic. I like Urban Chic for its color and compact design, but also fond of the zip pocket in the Performance which is missed in Urban Chic. I will be using the carrier similar to what you are using it for. Could you give me your opinion if both Performance and Urban Chic were available for you, which one would you get? ( I learnt from your other article that you were planning to get a Performance but it was out of stock at the time)

    Thank you!

  4. Shannon Reed says:

    I LOVE the ergo baby carrier because it doesn’t kill my back like other ones I have tried! That is the biggest plus for me=)

  5. Siao Yean says:

    Thanks very much for your review!
    Like Daphne, I’m trying to decide between the Performance and the Travel Urban Chic..
    I heard that Performance is cooler than Original. But what about Travel Urban Chic? Is it cooler than the Original too?

    • mommyhoodhk says:

      HI Siao Yan! Definitely cooler than the original. I believe the material is similar to the performance. Where I am, they are the same price but when I was purchasing I couldn’t try on the performance so since I could try on the urban chic, I bought that one. I had bought the stowaway and didn’t like how it felt (way less padding in the shoulder straps) so I went with the urban chic. Now going back though, I would get the performance because of the zipper pocket, but I’m not allowed to buy any more carriers 🙂

  6. Tuan says:

    Thank you for the review.
    Could you tell me if it’s possible to fold the carrier into a built bag?
    Or is it not possible because it doesen’t have any bags?

    • mommyhoodhk says:

      Sorry for not getting back to you til now. I’ve been busy with the summer holidays. How big is your built bag? It’s quite thin compared to the original so yes, I think you could fold it into a small bag!

  7. mommyhoodhk says:

    Oh and they have a new performance that is even lighter now but haven’t checked it out plus they have the new 360 version that your child can face front. Good luck with your decision! There are so many great carriers out there, but I think Ergo has the biggest selection!

    • Jenny says:

      New performance that’s lighter? You mean VENTUS GRAPHITE?
      I know about 360 but no hood, no zipper pocket and not breathable. I don’t think I’ll go for that one. Really appreciate the review on the foldable carrier. I was so close in buying it thinking it’ll give me the same support as the performance. I used the sport performance with the pocket and I read reviews the ventus is longer than than the sport performance making it not very suitable for babies but more for toddlers.

      • mommyhoodhk says:

        ahhh…then definitely go for the original performance then! i think you’ll get more use out of it. We used to have the regular sport one they carried in black, and it was pretty comfy, but again, no zipper pocket so I think the performance should be pretty good!

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