My Wednesday World: Sorting Toys


I rotate out the kids’ toys regularly and today is a good day for us to stay home, unpack toys, put some in the play room, put others in a give-away pile, and enjoy the chaos. I have piled stuff animals on my daughter like Gertie did to E.T.


About unapologetictasha

I love the struggles and joys of things; what I learn about parenting, I learn about life. I am a stay-at-home vegan mom who has a strict regimen of daily in-house dance parties. My kids and I love art, nature, and books.
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One Response to My Wednesday World: Sorting Toys

  1. mommyhoodhk says:

    This is something I’m trying to do regularly. Sell or give away unused toys. It’s more about conserving the little space we have. HOw do the toys accumulate so quickly!!!?? Good job mama!

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