My favourite carrier…Ergobaby!

Me and my three year old in the travel ergo using the back carry.

Me and my three year old in the travel ergo using the back carry.

So, I bought another baby carrier.  I had borrowed an Ergo original which we loved but had to return it when my friend had her second child.  We had bought a sport with my first but sold it before I had to give the other one up and I didn’t think we needed it anymore.  I had a pikkolo which was ok, but not as easy to use.  When I found out we were going to be doing an overseas trip, I started to panic and started researching which carrier was the best.

I thought I had found my answer with the new Ergo Stowaway–it was lighter and it folded into it’s own pocket!  But when I brought it home yesterday, it wasn’t very comfortable.  So I went back to the store with my toddler to try on the performance version thinking that it was going to be the one, but that location was out of stock…grrrrr…anyways, the salesperson suggested the other new version called the Urban Chic Travel collection one.  It had a bit more padding in the should straps and it felt a bit more sturdy than the stowaway.  So I carried my toddler home in it.  I didn’t get a chance to really adjust all the straps so it wasn’t the most comfy but I will be making the adjustments in the next little while to see how it works.  My toddler had lost his patience by then and was mad at me from taking him off the tricycle he was test driving so I had to get out fast.

I’d like to do a proper review of this carrier since there isn’t one yet, but I’ll need to get back to you as I’d like to see how it travels and such.  The material so far is much lighter than the original which is a plus with the warmer climate here but will have to let you know comfort level.  First impression is that if this is your first carrier and you aren’t worried about heat, then go with the original…it seems the most padded and if you’re only going to buy one, go with that!  To be continued….


About mommyhoodhk

I'm a mommy of 2, a daughter who just is 7.5 (!) and a son who is 6 (!). Living in Hong Kong and raising a little girl and a little boy married to a wonderful man who is supportive of all of my endeavors. Learning new things everyday and trying to be the best parent and wife I can be. I've also recently re-entered the workforce and back at my old clinic, Sutherland-Chan Centre on a part-time basis.
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10 Responses to My favourite carrier…Ergobaby!

  1. breathe16 says:

    I have an Ergo original and sport – love them both as the original gives a bit more support but the sport is good in summer heat. I’ll be interested to read about the urban one.

    • mommyhoodhk says:

      We had the sport too and we borrowed the original. The sport is definitely cooler, but the original has better support. I’ll keep you all posted about the urban one. I’ll be using it a lot on our trip to Canada so I can give it a proper review.

  2. I’m impressed you found a store to purchase it from. When I first bought my Ergo Original I ordered it through the mail. It came with a dvd, but I was fumbling around. I had to go online and look at “real moms” get their kids in their packs. Are the other models any easier to use?

    • mommyhoodhk says:

      I think all carrier’s need a little practice. I do find the ergo the easiest. It was also an online shop I got mine from but you could go to their “shop” so you don’t have to pay for shipping. Youtube has great videos of people putting the carrier on in the different positions.

  3. Anna, your picture reminded me of the fact that there is NO WAY I can front carry either my two or four year old anymore. But the Ergo is still kicking for assisted piggy backs with my 4-year-old and carrying my 2-year-old when he gets tired. Best carrier for my back!

  4. mommyhoodhk says:

    Definitely! I can still front carry Archie, but for Sophie, I cannot. And absolutely, the ergo is my favourite. I have heard that Manduca is comparable and Nonie loves her Beco. Will keep everyone updated about my travel collection version.

  5. OneMoreMom says:

    Yep, we were all about the Beco Carrier. It’s similar to the Ergo, except it also supports front facing. A couple of friends who had Ergos were jealous of that feature. My husband was sold on the blue robot print they had at the time. 🙂

    Tasha, crazy that you couldn’t find the Ergo in any shops. I swear everyone has the Ergo in stock here, even toys R Us.

  6. Shannon Reed says:

    I have the ergo baby sport and it is the best carrier I have ever used! Great post=)

  7. mommyhoodhk says:

    Yeah, it’s still our favourite carrier. The Beco isn’t easily available in HK so you can’t really try it on. Boo! However, both my kids loved facing in and so did I. Now that they’re bigger we’re trying to get my younger son to like the back carry which is much easier on the back.

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