Third Trimester: Peeing Every Five Minutes

I look back fondly on my pregnancies – the sheen to my hair, the new curves, and the connectedness to humanity – and then the needle abruptly skids off the side of the record when I remember the challenges of urinating in the third trimester.

There’s no way around it. We simply have to drink water for mom and baby’s optimal health. I actually read  the words in a prenatal book, “Let your urine be a cascading waterfall.” This still troubles me, and…err, conjuring the mental image makes me have to pee. BRB.

So as my developing child trampolined on my bladder, I could meditate on the rushing rivers of the Grand Canyon or Niagara Falls. But wait, this only caused my bladder to relax and release the floodgates. So there were to be no water-based meditations for me in those last three months.

My side of the bed has always been landlocked against either a wall or a child’s best which means I have to inch my way off the edge. This proved to be the bane of my pregnancy as I incited middle of the night Charlie Horses trying to respond to nature’s calling.

It is pretty easy to see the evolutionary advantage of frequent urination in the third trimester. It is one more thing on the list of aches and pains and things that wake you up throughout the night that make the idea of childbirth seem like a cake walk. We can’t get too used to the pregnancy gig now!



About unapologetictasha

I love the struggles and joys of things; what I learn about parenting, I learn about life. I am a stay-at-home vegan mom who has a strict regimen of daily in-house dance parties. My kids and I love art, nature, and books.
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