Hitting the Ground Floor

I sat down intending to write a completely different post, but then Nonie’s post made me laugh so hard I peed a little. People, it was definitely a mother that coined that phrase. You mamas know what I am talking about. Daily life comes with its leaks now that the springs on the gadgetry are a little worn down.

Little did I know pre-parenthood that there was more to strengthening your pelvic floor than doing a couple Kegels here and there. And even Kegels have debatable impacts. During my first pregnancy, I tried to do ten short Kegels in a row when it occurred to me that it just wasn’t good enough. I found that if I did them every time I passed a bicyclist during my bus commute then I would be toning up. But another child later and I am definitely a leaky faucet.

So I did what any other good ol’ American would do and started researching what I could buy to help me. It turns out that there are gyno barbells. Really? That’s just not what I want to pump down there, if you catch my drift.

I already have reusable cloth pads so I guess if I am planning on going to a comedy club or running for the bus then I can wear one of those. Incontinence surgery is also an option, but not one I would prefer. I am curious about Nonie’s physical therapy; some online research makes it sound like something all women should pursue post-partum.


About unapologetictasha

I love the struggles and joys of things; what I learn about parenting, I learn about life. I am a stay-at-home vegan mom who has a strict regimen of daily in-house dance parties. My kids and I love art, nature, and books.
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