Small leaks can’t sink this ship

Three and a half weeks after my son was born, a moment occurred that has forever been burned into my memory. At the time, I was still in terrible pain from my sucky labour, so there was a lot of hobbling. In fact I could barely walk, and carrying him was almost impossible and very painful. We had just woken up, and there was a poopy diaper that needed changing. To make it extra pleasant, my little guy was fussy and not at all into a diaper change that I had just begun.

Conditions were ideal for the perfect storm as it began to rain. Not literally rain, but here’s what happened…

It started with my boobs, they began to leak big droplets all over the place including my baby. (It now totally cracks me up when I visit a new mom’s house and see those telltale circular white spots on their floor). I was having trouble standing, and was feeling sorry for myself so of course I started crying. And as I stood there, looking down on my brand new baby, leaking all over him I realized I had to pee. Needless to say, with a completely pulverized pelvic floor there was definitely some leakage in that department as well.

At that point what could I do? I started laughing. The kind of crazy laughing, where you are crying at the same time, but you kind of know it’s going to be OK so you laugh harder. This completely embarrassing moment was so ridiculous, what else could I do?

I don’t remember what I did next (probably went to the bathroom to pee, and then back to bed to feed the babe), but that doesn’t matter. For me it was just one of those crazy brand new mom moments I’ll never forget.

As for the leaking, well the boobs seem to leak every now and then, but not so much. The tears only really come out when I’m reading or watching something sappy – and yes this includes commercials. And the pee issues, well thanks to some really good physiotherapy things are feeling pretty good, barring a really hard sneeze.


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One Response to Small leaks can’t sink this ship

  1. mommyhoodhk says:

    Heya, I’m still working on those gosh darned kegals!!

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