Just 2 days left…

Just 2 more days…2 more days of alarm clock free, commuting free, diaper changing, yoga pant wearing, baby chasing days left of my maternity leave.  WHAT, NO! Make it stop!

It’s been 10 months since I last pounded my snooze button, somehow squeezed into a pair of dress pants, and stumbled out the door and off to work.  I honestly don’t know how women go back to work after 6 weeks let alone 3 months. When I think back to the days when my guy was just 3 months old, I was a mess.  Physically I was still suffering from a sucky labour (another story I may or may not tell), Mentally I was exhausted, and in general I was only slightly less weepy at lame ass commercials.  Damn you johnson & johnson commercial.

But now 10 months later, I’m going back to work.  Am I ready?  NO!  But way back in my preggo days I made a deal with my baby-daddy that he could/should take some of the 12 months of paternity leave we Canadians are entitled to share.  He’s getting/stealing the last 2 months for some quality bonding time with the babe. But technically he’s getting a free summer off.  Grrrr.  I should have looked at the calendar closer when I made the deal.

Am I excited to go back? YES!  Don’t get me wrong, I’ve loved the opportunity to be at home to bond with my little man and meet lots of awesome new moms like me, but I miss the social side of work (and the paycheques). And don’t judge, but I kinda think I missed the actual work itself. Being at home is monotonous: Wake up, feed, clean, play, nap, feed, clean, go out and play, nap, play, feed, clean, bed time.  And I’m really bad at the cleaning part.

But damn, I’m going to miss my little man so much.  As I go back to work now, it reminds me that in a few short months strangers will enter the my son’s life and take over some of my jobs in the form of daycare providers.  Then in a couple of years he’s off to school, and then high school, and then who knows.  It’ goes by so fast.  I just have to remember to step back from the daily grind and appreciate the moment.


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One Response to Just 2 days left…

  1. I look forward to hearing how this transition goes for you, Nonie. I was so scared and sad when I was getting ready to return to work – comforted only by the fact that my husband and sister-in-law would be watching my daughter when I was gone. But despite the crazy hectic scheduling, it was nice emotionally to be needed in a different and slightly less urgent way…and good to be circulating in the world of adults again.

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