Teething Should be Optional

Wow, had I know teething could be so distressing for everyone I would have made sure the teeth box on the human order form was left unchecked.  I’m sure our kid would have been just fine with a pair of perfectly constructed false teeth.

We are now on Day 3 of waiting for the two top teeth to break through the skin.  So far the fallout has been as follows:  

  • Waking up every 2-3 hours.  This has led to our babe being moved into our bed because I hate the zombie walk, which results from getting out of bed in the middle of the night.  On a fun note, at 9.5 months the little guy has learned how to self serve himself from the mommy milk machine.
  • Extreme fussiness, aka I think our baby watched the Purple Crying Video and thought “Hey, I should try that purple crying thing out and I don’t care if I’m too old.”  Note to self: BREATH.
  • A low grade temperature, which we finally conceded was a good enough reason to give him some infant Tylenol.
  • Drool, Drool, Drool and more Drool.  The regular baby drool he has had over the last couple months has evolved into something from the Dr. Who, “Waters of Mars” episode.  (If you don’t watch Dr. Who, why not?)
  • Exhausted Mom and Dad
  • Exhausted Baby
I’m sure I’ve missed a couple of points, but the soundtrack of a whining baby in the background has made me lose my train of thought.

Despite the exhaustion, no one is dead yet.  Yay!  To be honest my nerves are a bit shot as it’s so heart-breaking not being able to stop the pain.  For the most part we’re trying as many things possible to help our boy along.  There’s been a lot of cuddling.  We’re using Camilia during the day, along with frozen washcloths for him to suck on, and of course teething toys galore. (Note: his preference seems to be to put the hard wooden block in his mouth).  At night we are finding that a dose of infant tylenol seems to help the most.

We aren’t using teething gels, because of the health risks associated with benzocaine.  We also aren’t using the Amber necklaces, because I don’t believe that they work.  I have friends that swear by them and their kids wear them 24/7, but I see no proof of them working.  To me they seem like a unnecessary safety hazard that add one more dent to your wallet.  Rather then bore you with the details, check out this great common sense post on amber teething beads.

Fingers-crossed that those little teeth pop through soon and we can get back to our happy little boy. Or at least happy until the next teeth decide to appear.

Update: A mere hour after posting, a tooth has started to break through.  My husband’s comment was “now when he bites you, it will be twice as hard”.  Thanks dear.

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4 Responses to Teething Should be Optional

  1. Lauren says:

    Ah yes. Teething. I did a huge post about this awhile back.

    We did use amber teething necklaces, mostly because they are pretty. I don’t think they actually work. What does work is copious amounts of children’s ibuprofen.


  2. My first child had her teeth pop up quickly and relatively easily. Teething tablets became a Pavlovian thing for her – shake the bottle and she’d calm down. Our little guy is almost two and teething has driven me to expletives. At least it’s predictable – if my child and I are both crying and beside ourselves at bedtime then one of us is probably teething. Nursing is the only solution that works – argh.

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