The Basic Layette. What do newborns REALLY need?

Someone once told me that they were convinced that our planet was surrounded by an orbit of space junk. And it was all baby gear that people had used up and spit out into the cosmos. There is no greater magnifying glass to put to your consumptive habits than to go and have a child. One more person in the household will show you whether you are born to shop or like to live lean.

I personally have an aversion to (but a knack for) creating clutter. I like to visit thrift shops to find unique and inexpensive items. So when I was pregnant, I saw this hazard coming from a mile away. I had to figure out what I really needed when it came to preparing for my baby’s arrival. If parents-to-be log on to the Target website, they will think you need to have deep pockets to get set up for baby’s arrival. I was set straight by the Baby Bargains book on what might be nice and then what would be most helpful.

What did I find myself using most…that I knew I would need? Side snapping baby shirts. Onesies. Footed pants (newborn socks did not stay on my babies’ feet nor paired up for long.) Receiving blankets. Baby wash cloths. Digital baby monitor.

What did I have that I could have done without? Baby towels. Ring slings. Three tubes of diaper ointment. Baby set – comb, clippers, etc (I found better quality in buying items I needed individually.)

What did I use all the time that I didn’t think would be such a necessity? The flannel wipes and the wipe warmer – unanimously seen as a luxury on Amazon comments, but made my summer babies feel so nice during the middle of the night diaper changes come fall and winter. Bouncy chair – oh my, this is the only way I got to take showers once my husband went back to work. Graco infant seat that drops into the stroller attachment. Swaddlers. Mother’s teas – fennel, raspberry leaf, and nettles.

For people buying gifts for new parents, the most helpful gifts were of food – groceries and home cooked meals. This, in turn, gave us the gift of time to spend with our babies in those first hours, days, and weeks. Well fed parents are one step closer to compensating for the lack of sleep and this complete paradigm shift.

What were your favorite items for your new baby?


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I love the struggles and joys of things; what I learn about parenting, I learn about life. I am a stay-at-home vegan mom who has a strict regimen of daily in-house dance parties. My kids and I love art, nature, and books.
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