Morning Sickness…My Ass

Nausea wasn’t the first sign I had that I might be pregnant, however it was something that soon became the one constant in my life for about 6 months – that’s right it didn’t end in the first trimester for me.

First of all, whoever decided to call it morning sickness was a real jerk, while pregnant nausea was 24/7 for me.  My day usually started with getting ready for work, vomit, travel to work (try not to vomit on public transit), work (with an occasional vomit break), home for dinner and vomit again. No matter what I did it didn’t go away.  Motion, scents, heat, cold, just about anything could set me off.

What does 24/7 sickness feel like?  Well for me it was very much like I was experiencing horrible sea sickness with land nowhere in sight.  Walking, driving, talking, food, everything made me sick.  My husband and I now joke about all the parking lots I got sick in, but at one point it got so bad he attempted to bring me to the hospital.  I somehow convinced him I didn’t need to because I hadn’t yet crossed the 24 hour limit of being able to keep things down (I think around the 23 hour mark I managed to keep some water down).

So what did I do about it?  For the first 3 months I tried all sorts of natural remedies.  I ate tonnes of ginger, wore sea bands, tried to exercise more (this just made it worse), ate bland crackers, avoided certain foods but nothing was effective and soon the nausea was really taking its toll as it began to effect my ability to work and I was losing weight.  So I tried Dilectin, which I believe we have access here in Canada but unfortunately it’s not available in the US.  It seemed to take about a week to balance out after starting the dilectin and finally the vomiting stopped.  Phew!  Except for the drowsiness, I felt 100% better.  So much better I kept trying to wean myself off, and of course the vomiting and nausea came back.  I eventually started feeling better around the 6th/7th months.

Thinking back to my stint with 24/7 sickness there were some benefits.  My husband felt really bad and did lots of awesome stuff for me.  I didn’t have to cook for about 8 months because being in the kitchen made me sick. I never had to take out the garbage.  I also learned only to eat things I knew wouldn’t taste bad or hurt coming back up.  Smoothies became my primary food source.

I know that morning sickness only effects about half us mammas out there, and of that group only some get really sick.  I have no idea why some us get so lucky, but if you are vomiting multiple times a day this isn’t a good thing.  I’m so happy I spoke to my midwife and took their advice as they helped me become a happy pregnant mama again.  I didn’t find Dilectin to be a miracle drug, but it helped to make my pregnancy more enjoyable.

The good news for those of you who are pregnant right now is that there is an end.  Once your little baby is born you’ll once again enjoy your favorite foods and activities.


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One Response to Morning Sickness…My Ass

  1. I had such a weak stomach before getting pregnant. Oddly enough, the rigors of morning sickness plus smelling baby poop have toughened this mama up!

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