Parent Lit Review: Pregnancy, Childbirth, and the Newborn

My girlfriend Kyna told me that pregnancy, labor, and parenting were three extremely distinct experiences. One event didn’t necessarily “prepare” you for the next. Given this information, I was determined to research all three up and down until I had wrapped my head around it all.

During my first pregnancy, I kept my holds list at the library stocked with a revolving list of pregnancy books. Closer to the end of my pregnancy I found the book that the parent-to-be need look no further than – Penny Simkin’s Pregnancy, Childbirth, and the Newborn.

Penny Simkin is a living (and working) legend in the birthing community in Seattle. She still teaches childbirth classes after forty years in the field and she has infused each page of this seminal read with her wisdom and knowledge. For me, it would be my number one recommendation for other parents. Why?

This book is written in clear plain language. It parses out information in a way that makes it easier to take in and retain. It presents the range of birthing options without bias. It stresses the importance of relaxation, rhythm, and ritual in childbirth.

I have always appreciated having an older woman’s presence and wisdom during my pregnancies, labors, and years of parenting. Sometimes she is my midwife, or my mother, or a friend. Sometimes it’s Penny talking to me through this book.


About unapologetictasha

I love the struggles and joys of things; what I learn about parenting, I learn about life. I am a stay-at-home vegan mom who has a strict regimen of daily in-house dance parties. My kids and I love art, nature, and books.
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One Response to Parent Lit Review: Pregnancy, Childbirth, and the Newborn

  1. mommyhoodhk says:

    I have this book too. I bought it when I was at school for massage therapy. I had lent it to my friend in Toronto and then got her to send it back to me in Hong Kong when I was pregnant. It’s still on my shelf. I think it’s really clearly written as well. Her book the Birth Partner is also great for anyone that is going to be there at the birth, but is also written for those training to be a doula.

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