MuTu’s Annual Birthday Sale

Wendy of MuTu is having her annual birthday sale and this year, this means 45% off all her programs!  It’s a great time to try out this system.  I’m a big fan as it really taught me more about alignment and how to avoid exercises that made my DR worse and now my DR is pretty much healed.

I did a review here after completing the 12 weeks.

It’s been almost a year since I did MuTu the first time and now, I just try to add in the core workout when I do get some exercise in.  I’ve also been keeping up as much as I can with walking and continuing with working on my alignment with Katy Bowman’s videos.

I found MuTu to be realistic and as successful as you want it to be.  What I mean is that it’s not hugely time consuming and you need to really listen to your body and not progress too quickly unless you feel your body is ready to go onto the next step.  For some, it might take more than 12 weeks to complete.  I also found the food tips helpful, but weightloss wasn’t my goal.  My focus was strengthening my core and closing up my DR.

Good luck and check it out!!!

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Hong Kong: Happy Chinese New Year!

May we all have a wonderful year of the monkey!  I write this on the morning of the first day the lunar new year!  I can still hear the firecrackers go off every once in awhile.  The kids are quietly playing on the tablet and I’m going to take this quiet moment to do some writing.  It’s been a bit quiet and life just kind of took over.  This blog has been at the back of my mind though and I have been trying to think of things to write about.  I do like that me and my co-writer can bring various things to the table.  Things about parenting, things about us as more than being parents and things that we might come across that we just find interesting or even troubling.

I’ve never really been one for making and keeping resolutions but every day I do try to improve what and how to go about life.  Some days are better than others.  Those that have been following, I’ve been trying to get my exercise in through MuTu and it’s been going well.  I still enjoy the workouts when I can fit them in.  With both kids at different schools with slightly different schedules, it has been a bit challenging to get the workouts in.  There are various other things I’m working on and I’ll be writing on those topics also.

I hope you all have a wonderful, healthy and prosperous new year!


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MuTu System is on SALE for Black Friday til Cyber Monday.  Get yours today!

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Hong Kong: MuTu Revisit

So, I’ve fallen off the MuTu wagon a bit, but it’s definitely not forgotten.  The past couple months after I completed the 12 week program I have been a bit lazy, but it’s always been at the back of my mind.  We moved houses so there was packing and then unpacking.  However, the move has really helped with the walking so I’ve been doing at least 30min a day minimum and then most days, I’ll do another 30min of walking as it’s a 15min walk to my daughter’s bus stop every morning one way and then most afternoons so this helps as I don’t even have to try to fit those in anymore and before in our old place, I was doing the same, but the walks were much shorter.

The reason why I’m talking about MuTu again is for those of you who haven’t had a chance to try it yet, should definitely give it a go this weekend.  Wendy is having her annual Black Friday sale and that’s 40% off the program.  This is a huge savings!  I can honestly say that it was a great way to strengthen those muscles that got weak through pregnancy and childbirth and you can start quite early after postpartum.  Of course, you’d want to check with your doctor, but the core exercises are quite gentle and you only progress when you feel strong doing each set of exercises and don’t proceed too quickly.

I purchased this program earlier this year and my son is 4 so it’s never too late to try MuTu.  I think one of the reasons that really drew me to the program once I heard about it was that you had no time limit to complete the program so there’s no expiry once you purchase it and you can access it anywhere if you have the online program.  The website is user friendly and the MuTu team has recently updated making it even easier to use.  And this is a real program, no need for special powders or drinks.  There is a food and eating section in the program and she gives you ideas to help with weight loss and gaining better energy/fuel for your body.  When I followed the program the first time around, I did adopt some of the changes, but I didn’t follow that part religiously and I didn’t lose weight.  That wasn’t my goal though so I was still very happy with the results.  So if you think this is for you, definitely grab this chance to purchase the program!


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Getting My Sh&*t Together

Pardon my language but some words just don’t cut it when describing something.  So my co-writer is writing about how she gets things done where she is in the U.S.  I think some things are pretty similar.  I’m always trying to figure out ways to organize my life, my kids’ lives, our family’s life and just everything in general to make life smoother.  We just moved houses so our house is a bit chaotic at the moment, but as we unpack, we are trying to put things in places to be more organized.  I’m also trying to control the clutter.  I’m finding some great ideas on posts by Happy Hooligans.  Here’s one to give you some ideas to organize paper clutter.

I started off with purchasing a binder and a hole punch to organize the countless newsletters we get from 2 schools.  Next I collected all of the papers I already had and divided them into 2 piles.  One for my daughter and one for my son.  Then I put them in the binder and removed anything that was no longer needed.  My next thing is this, to organize all of the school work and artwork we get from the schools.  My challenge in HK is finding the boxes that will fit the hanging folders in them.  In Canada, I would head to Office Depot or Staples and it would be easy, but here in Hong Kong there is not the equivalent so the search continues!

Next on my wishlist is a label maker.  I want to use this to organize the home and also for making special gifts for loved ones.  My plan is to make some special sensitive skin balms, hot chocolate sets and just some other homemade ideas.

Another ongoing project is reducing consumption as much as possible.  We are constantly trying to encourage this with the kids, but it is sometimes hard as I myself am guilty of loving packaged foods like crisps but also some things just make life a little bit easier.  We’re also on a constant effort to purge things we don’t need.  Passing clothes on to others that can use them, fixing broken toys or disposing of them and trying to recycle items.  My husband for example has converted parts of an old wardrobe to build up one of his cabinets for his dj-ing hobby.  We’re also in need of a few furniture items so we’re going to head to a place called 2nd Chance Furniture where they resell furniture that is in still very good condition instead of buying new again.

Well, here goes.  I’m working on these few things to help me get my s%^t or “stuff” together.  Will keep you all updated as I get onto each thing!


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Hong Kong: Sorting Out Our Family Life


Our family just moved houses so we’ve been unpacking and reorganizing our new place.  So this is my immediate “sort out” at the moment.  It’s exciting to explore our new neighbourhood and our new space, but as my co-writer has written, it’s definitely a task to prioritize what comes first.  So my sorting out required figuring what comes first.  We are fortunate enough to have live-in help here so I was able to delegate some tasks to her while I was out in the days with the kids.  We also had movers so most boxes were put in their rooms first so everything has a place at the moment until we can get to them.

  1. Organize bedrooms.  Our first night in our house after the kids went to bed, I unpacked our bedroom.  I’ve only got a few more boxes left to unpack.  For the kids, we just set up their beds first and then the other stuff pushed to the side.  We had packed a suitcase that was prepared for a few days in case we couldn’t get to boxes right away.  The next day, my helper wonderfully sorted out their room and unpacked all of their clothes and some of their toys.  We’ll slowly get to organizing the rest of the house to make everyone’s life a bit smoother.
  2. Figuring out how to get everyone to school.  The next task involved figuring out timings of getting everyone to school.  My daughter takes a school bus so we knew where we needed to be.  For her first day, I drove her to the stop which was about 5 min, and then maybe another 5 to walk out to the stop.  Since that day, we found the route to walk to the stop and it’s almost the same amount of time so with the weather being nice, we’ve decided to walk in the mornings to get to her stop and this gives us some one on one time as well.  For my son, we take public transit and this location makes it much easier than our previous location so it’s been a big win for that daily routine.
  3. Daily routines.  We’ve moved to another little village so getting shopping done will be easier from here.  I can drive to one grocery store that’s pretty easy to get to with free parking, but also with the minibus, we can easily get to 2 or 3 wet markets where we can purchase fresh produce, meats and dry goods.
  4. Exploring our local village.  This is something we have still yet to do.  Our first week has been busy just resettling and getting everyone to school so I’m thinking we’ll set aside some time to do that tomorrow.
  5. The other stuff.  I know I didn’t address exactly what my cowriter wrote, but the other stuff is still kinda settling from the moving dust.  Trying to balance the time between everyone continues to be something I’m working on.  I try to really enjoy the time I have with each child one on one when I’m taking each to their school/school bus.  Then there’s the relationship with my husband bit which we try to connect in the evenings and also once in awhile we try to have a nice meal together.  And then there’s the me bit.  Right now, after my son’s drop off, I’ve been using the time to work on this blog and also get our daily tasks like grocery shopping done.  I’ve taking a few years off from work and still just doing a bit of freelance massage therapy.  I’ve decided that once my son is in primary school, I can focus a bit more on work and get back into it part time at least.

I think getting involved with our children’s schools is important but as my co-writer has addressed, it’s even more important to know when to say yes and when to say no.  My daughter’s school has a regular day I go in every second week for about 45 min and I can help in the classroom.  My son has an open door policy so I’m aiming to do once a month to stay and volunteer in his classroom which makes it less stressful to try to fit everything in.  For other things, I just try not to spread myself too thinly so that I don’t feel too pulled apart in a million directions and enjoy the lovely occasional sleep-ins I can get in the mornings now!


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Seattle: How to Sort Out Family Life


I’ve taken a long hiatus from writing on this blog. I had to…simply because I wasn’t doing an effective job plunking it into my schedule.

Writing had become an awkward-shaped Tetris cube that wouldn’t lie flat along with all the other cubes that were flying at me. Getting kids dressed, fed, and to the bus stop. Volunteering at school. Meeting with my women’s group. Leading service projects. I’m happy to be busy with meaningful activities, but it requires intention and attention to include the most important things in our daily lives. Here’s how I keep things moving smoothly.

  1. Ritual. As soon as I get up, throw on the new seasonal light and check my emails while the tea kettle is heating up. In the evening, my husband and I set out the kids’ clothes for the next day. All these little things make the daily necessities run smoothly. Not to mention that me and my kids need the structure to stick to things.
  2. Setting boundaries and saying no. I never really learned this lesson as thoroughly as I did upon moving into a cohousing community. It is a time-demanding lifestyle and our family reaps the rewards from it. But it is still just one gear in the machine of life which also includes our school community, our spiritual community, our families, our lifelong friends, and our employment or volunteering communities. Soon after we moved into cohousing, a longtime resident shared “Don’t be afraid to say No. Your No’s empower your Yesses.”  It feels good to say no when I need to, and reminds me that I’m adjusting my sails.
  3. Be accountable to myself. I feel deep down that when I say yes to outside requests that I am making a conscious choice to help. I might not always like what I accepted to help with, but at the end of the day I want to take responsibility for the things I say yes to. It isn’t anyone else’s fault if something isn’t working out like I wanted it to. And what this ultimately comes down to is listening carefully to my intuition. If my schedule gets out of whack then usually it has to do with me ignoring my inner wisdom.
  4. Know thine own personality and work style. I know that I’m an idea generator, an organizer, and a delegator so I try my best to work in teams. I feel good about putting in extra time to make things run smoothly. For example, a massive purge and cleaning of the storage space early this fall would have been daunting if I hadn’t viewed it as a way to free up space that could be used to thin out the clutter that my family looks at every day.
  5. Know my home. My city will predictably rain for months-upon-months and that will take a toll on our Vitamin D reserves, but it can usher in opportunities to do those indoor things we like to do. For example, the kids have been digging after school programs and they have proven to be a great time for me to hold meetings or get some unplanned social time in. I know that summer will be a downtime for school events, but cohousing life ramps up and I can increase participation then.
  6. Allow this glistening castle of organization and progress to crumble once in a while. The kids will get sick. I will be stuck in ridiculous traffic – a given these days in Seattle. I will get beyond grumpy in the depth of winter. And I will sit and mope and might miss a day or more’s worth of best laid plans. And the world will continue. And my family will survive.

I suppose sitting my butt down in the seat and just committing to something is also how I get things done. I’ve had seven years of stay-at-home motherhood to mull on what sort of life I want to live and how to make that happen. Getting honest about my priorities allows me to put those things first in the schedule and move around that.

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A GREAT Mid-term break was had by all!

Our week started with a surprise trip to Disneyland from my sister.  It was a great day weather and crowd-wise so I think everyone had a great time, even the grandparents!  We went on a few rides, saw 2 parades and managed to take a few photos with some of the characters.  The evening Light Parade was fantastic!  We had never seen it before and I highly recommend staying til 645pm to catch that parade.  The bonus was that the kids didn’t get overtaken by the merchandise overload  in the park.

On Tuesday, I took the kids on the bus to go to the public library and ran a few errands in the market.  On Wednesday we met my son’s old classmate at the train station and we went to the Hong Kong Heritage Museum which was FREE!  On Thursday, we bused to Central and rode the tram with old friends to Victoria Park where we could enjoy the playground before grabbing a cheap lunch at the closest Ikea bistro.  On Friday I had to take my daughter to her Student Health Centre checkup and finally on Saturday we trekked over to Aberdeen to a school friend’s birthday party.  The aim for the week was to spend as little as possible and I think we did it.  Disney was probably the most “spendy” and that was on food and we managed only one taxi ride on Friday night over to my sister’s house where had a dinner and a sleepover which the kids loved!

All in all we had a pretty sane midterm break and we survived it pretty easily with not too much craziness.  We even included some free activities and low cost transportation!  Big win!

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Keeping the Sanity during Midterm Break

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been looking forward to the midterm break but half-dreading it also as I’ll have to think of ways to keep them busy without driving myself crazy.  So this week, I was busy planning and thinking of things to do on top of planning our move to another house which means I’ll need to pack on top of keeping kids busy and entertained. I’m also looking forward to the break as we won’t be rushing out the door to catch buses and trains and will be able to be a bit more leisurely in the mornings.

So we have a few days filled up already.  On Sunday, we’ll accompany my sister on the walk for breast cancer on the peak.  On Monday, we’ll brave the crowds at Disneyland.  On Tuesday, we’ll meet old friends and go ice skating and Wednesday we’ll head to the Hong Kong Heritage Museum to meet A’s old classmate whom he greatly misses.  On Thursday, we’ll meet friend again and ride the trams in the city which the kids have been fascinated about for awhile.  Other days will be filled with bike riding and hitting the beach near our house looking for crabs which is fun and FREE!  Hopefully the weather will cooperate for us next week!

What things do you do with your kids during extended school breaks?  Will fill you in after next week on how the week off went!

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Travel accessories: Featuring Up and Away’s Multiple Passport Holder


Travelling can be hectic sometimes and anything that can make it just a little bit easier is always helpful.  I got my Up and Away Original 1-2-3 passport holder a few months ago and found it super helpful to keep my family’s passports together making travelling a little bit easier with kids in tow.  The original holder can carry up to 3 or 4 passports comfortably.  You can also fit 4 or 5 cards and there’s space for money and boarding passes.  But for those that have more than 4 in their family, they have just produced the Hi-5 passport holder that can hold up to 5 passports!  And from now til the end of October, you can get a special introductory 10% off their newest holder with the HELLO10 discount code upon checkout.  I just purchased one online for my sister in-law that just had her 3rd baby.

FullSizeRender_1 FullSizeRender

It’s perfect for yourself or as a gift and the colours are so lovely!  Nice and colourful, but there is also black if you want something a little more neutral.  They’ve got 6 colours to choose from and also 3 different liners pick as well.  I received the holder in a box perfect for gift-giving and it came in a few days and shipping is free within Hong Kong.  Hurry now and get yours today!

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